Alberta RCMP are reminding residents of the 9 p.m. routine during the summer months.

"Alberta summers mean late nights with the sun shining bright, however, it’s still important to remember a nightly routine," stated the RCMP.

For Airdrie, July 2023 saw 50 thefts under $5,000 while August 2023 saw 66 thefts under $5,000 for a total of 106 over the two months.

"Property crimes are often crimes of opportunity, and maintaining a nightly routine can help deter thefts. The '9 p.m. Routine' is a movement followed by police services around the world, encouraging people to follow a nightly checklist to ensure their property is secured."

According to RCMP, a 9 p.m. routine checklist consists of:

  • Locking your doors at night (yes, even if you live in a small town).
  • Locking your garage or shed.
  • Ensuring all yard tools and recreational equipment are safely stored, preferably in a locked garage or shed.
  • Removing all keys from vehicles and locking the doors; securely storing any off-highway vehicles.
  • Consider installing a home alarm; if you already have one, set your alarm before going to sleep.
  • Use motion sensor lights on the exterior of your property.

If you have a seasonal property or trailer, there are still 9 p.m. Routine tasks you can follow, such as:

  • Use motion sensor lights on your property, especially at the entryways or near your shed or garage.
  • Use a hitch lock and ensure it is properly secured.
  • Remove the battery from your trailer when you leave for an extended period.
  • Ensure all tools and recreational items are securely stored once you are done with them.
  • Ensure your vehicle is locked and the keys and garage door opener are removed.
  • Ensure your garage or shed is locked each night.

On average, property crime tends to increase during the summer months. In July 2023, Alberta RCMP jurisdictions reported 2,798 incidents of theft under $5,000.

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