We are showcasing two talented musicians from Airdrie: CELIN, an up-and-coming soul R&B artist, and Steve Jevne, a local country artist.

CELIN has been immersed in music her entire life, starting at the age of two, singing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" in a nursing home. She grew up performing at the Stampede with the Young Canadians, which provided her with foundational art training.

"Live performances have always been a stable factor in my life," said CELIN

CELIN's music draws inspiration from a blend of old classics and modern artists. She admires legends like Amy Winehouse, Stevie Wonder, and James Brown, while also being influenced by contemporary artists. Her songs reflect this eclectic mix, ranging from jazzy to poppy to rocky, but always rooted in soul, R&B, and pop-funk.

Growing up in Airdrie, she attended George McDougall High School and always felt a strong sense of community. Despite travelling after high school, she always found her way back home. Now residing in Calgary, she frequently visits Airdrie to see her family and friends, maintaining her deep-rooted connections.

Currently, she is excited about releasing her first single from her upcoming eight-song album titled "Red Eye." Which was co-written with Airdrionian and musician Steve Jevne.

"I've been wanting to just put music out. I've done lots of live shows, but now to have something digitally out there to share with people is amazing," she shares. Her single drops today and is available on all major streaming platforms.

Looking ahead, CELIN plans a fall tour across Western Canada. She hopes to collaborate with other local artists and gain more exposure. The supportive community of musicians in Airdrie has been instrumental in her journey, offering guidance and advice along the way.

Steve Jevne is another talented artist from Airdrie, known for his country music. He is also releasing a song today called "Rodeo Canyon," a revamped version of a track from a previous project.

"It's the same song with my voice on it," Steve explains.

Steve has a busy summer ahead, with performances at the Stamped, on Canada Day and a big show at the King Eddy on July 20th. His goal for the year is to release more songs by September, in time to apply for festivals.

CELIN and Steve's paths have crossed multiple times, highlighting the tight-knit and supportive music community in Airdrie.

"Everyone knows each other and supports each other," says CELIN. Steve adds, "We decided that one day we should do a Co-write, and it worked out very nicely."

Their journeys reflect the vibrant music scene in Airdrie, filled with collaboration and mutual support. Stay tuned for more upcoming releases and watch out for these rising stars!

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