A few weeks ago Rocky View Schools (RVS) handed out the first-ever scholarships for two students who took part in the RVS Mechanical Training Centre.

Drew Kindermann and Dakota Williams from W.H. Croxford both received $1000 as they plan to pursue careers in heavy-duty mechanics.

Stephen Teasdale, the teacher of the program and a licensed mechanic, explained what the mechanic training centre is all about.

"The centre is located in the northeast corner of the Cam Clark Ford building. The program is offered to students across the Rockyview school division, grades 10 through 12. We have two classes a day, morning and afternoon students. We run this program like it's a small business where the students are employees."

While having no affiliation with Cam Clark Ford when doing the work, the centre has its customers and the students will do the work themselves.

"We book in our customers for work that they get us to do, whether it's oil changes, brake services, brake inspections, vehicle inspections things like that, the students do the work to learn."

Teasdale stated for the students, it's more than just learning how to do automotive work.

"We teach them work ethic, we teach them responsibility and accountability for their actions. Knowing that the student is working on a vehicle that belongs to someone has higher importance than if you just bring in a brokedown car out of the parking lot," stated Teasdale. "I've often heard feedback from employers where students coming out of this program are amazed at the work ethic of the students in this program."

Having his son graduate from George McDougall last and seeing that one of the students received a scholarship for a trade school sparked the idea for this scholarship, according to Teasdale.

"We approached Cam Clark Ford and Davis Chevrolet and asked if they would be interested in being part of this, and they both obliged and gave us a check to give to these two students."

Knowing how much schooling costs, Teasdale is glad these scholarships will be well used.

"We often hear in the public eye about how needed tradespeople in Alberta, if we can do something about that to help support them, they're going to be better members of our community in the long run."

Teasdale does hope they can hand out the scholarships once again next year.

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