Cereals Canada is a key player in promoting Canadian grains to the world, and working with international customers through market support and programming.

Canada's cereal industry is reported to have annual exports valued at over $10.8 billion to over 80 countries.

For over 50 years, Cereals Canada has provided global customers with production information and training, playing a critical role in helping customers understand grain quality and functionality while addressing and expanding market access and opportunities.

Cereals Canada monitors market access issues, provides market support and programming, and promotes the use of Canadian cereals in the global marketplace.

Chief Executive Officer Dean Dias says as they look to the future, they realize the need to look at a new facility as their lease at their current location in downtown Winnipeg is set to expire in 2027.

He says after working with engineers and infrastructure experts, they've determined they need to look at building a new facility because of the specialized equipment needs.

"The need for a certain type of concrete, we need blowout walls. We need certain types of electrical codes which cannot be found in existing spaces. Even if we found an existing space to retrofit, it is just not feasible. So we've done our due diligence on that part. The goal is to build a facility that will meet our needs today and well into the future."

Dias says the preliminary cost estimates for the new facility are about $100 million, adding that they are looking at starting a capital campaign for the project.

"The goal is that we are going to launch a capital campaign where we will raise funds through this capital campaign through agri-businesses, industry groups, as well as individual and corporate organizations providing funds to make this vision a reality. The goal is that we are not just thinking about today, we're thinking about well into the future and what is needed for us to stay competitive in this global market."

He says their vision also includes rebranding the facility as the Global Agriculture Technology Exchange (Gate).

"Gate will ensure the long-term viability of our world-renowned organization, inspiring new innovation, conversations, and research while giving us the capability to meet the growing demand for wheat, barley, and oats, and provide value to our members."

Board Chair Brett Halstead says the board of directors strongly supports Cereals Canada including the vision for Gate.

To hear Glenda-Lee's conversation with Cereals Canada CEO Dean Dias click on the link below.